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Al Ain Zoo

We had a zealous trip to this Zoo and it was worth a Friday. Al Ain Zoo is located in Al Ain and is well maintained and one of the friendliest zoos i have ever been. If you have kids, it is a must visit place.


We were welcomed with the sight of Arabic Specials such as Arabian Oryx, Gazelles and Tahrs.


Then comes the Big Cat Oasis which houses lions,tigers,cheetahs and gorillas.

And the king of the jungle is happily snoozing away!

Rhinos were a big treat to watch.


Giraffes are there and we can feed them too.


Zoo houses reptile house too with various tortoises,pythons , crocodiles,chameleons..


There is a children zoo which has lots of pet animals.Kids can enjoy watching them in close.


There is a bird show everyday evening.Its worth watching.Check for the timings at the ticket counter.

There is a bird house with varieties of birds.There are penguins too.

There is plenty of green lawns and its great to have a picnic there.


Some random clicks in the zoo.

Lovely isn’t it?

Entry Ticket : 30 AED for adults / 10 AED for kids(3-12 yrs)

Website : Al Ain Zoo







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