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Qasr Al Hosn Festival 2016


Happy to start off my blogging with a festival post!

Qasr Al Hosn is a prominent historic fort situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi,the capital of UAE.There is a heritage festival going on right now. The heritage and the traditions of the country is well explained using several exhibits,activities and stalls.

Kids will enjoy it a lot and there are handful of activities to keep them engaged.You can get to taste the traditional Emirati food at the stalls.Their sweets are so delicious.


This is the historic Qasr Al Hosn fort which is undergoing some renovations right now. Guided tour with beautiful image display is available and can be explored only during the festival days.

Oasis pavilion has Gardening activity of kids,where kids are given a little pot and seed of their choice with a growth chart! And it has displays of local plants and medicinal herbs.The volunteers are great in explaining the details.Qasr Al Hosn


How to build a traditional Emirati house?Qasr Al Hosn1


Abu Dhabi Island pavilion has got a cute artificial lake with dhows. Nice to see the liite lake amidst concretes πŸ™‚Qasr Al Hosn4

Attractive traditional handicrafts from the stalls across the pavilion.Qasr Al Hosn2

Random clicksQasr Al Hosn5

An evening well spent πŸ™‚



Entry Fee : 10 Dhms ( 2 activity passes included)

Location: At the intersection of Hamdan Road and Airport Road

Website :Β Qasr Al Hosn




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